Shepard Smith done lost his mind

October 29, 2009

Background: Shannon Bream (interviewer for Fox News) was reporting on the Governor’s race in NJ which will be decided this coming Tuesday. The race is a close one between incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine and Republican candidate Chris Christie. This is one of those races that will seem to be a “litmus test” for the 2010 election. Shannon Bream had an impromptu interview with Chris Christie. Shep was obviously surprised and asked her when she would be interviewing Corzine. She stated that they had requested an interview with him several times and he had not replied. Then Shep apologizes for that “lack of balance” and says it wouldn’t have happened if he were in charge.

Okay, first of all, how is it Bream’s fault that Corzine isn’t interviewed when he is the one who won’t give the interview?  There are a few people who have no business being on Fox.  Shep is one of them.  Geraldo is another.  And in my opinion, Bill O’Reilly is another.  These people are about stupid.  What was Shepard Smith trying to do?  Win his way into the heart of the Supreme O?  Kiss up to Axelrod and Dunn?  Piss off his viewers?  Well, atleast he succeeded at the last one. 

Another little piece of this exchange that ticks me off is that Shep says, “the Democrat’s probably gonna win, right?”.  Um, no.  The latest Rasmussen survey has Christie (the Republican) ahead by three points.  Do your research, Shep.  If I really wanted to hear the liberal point of view, I would be watching CNN or MSNBC.


Big Props to the MainStream Media

October 23, 2009

Now usually I don’t agree with anything the Mainstream Media does or says. Today is different. I must say I am quite proud of how they handled themselves on this issue.

The White House contacted the press pool (representatives from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX) and stated that they would be conducting interviews with the new Pay Czar, Kenneth Feinberg. However, everyone BUT Fox was invited. The other members of the pool stood up for what is right (you know – the Constitution and all) and refused to do the interviews if FOX wasn’t invited. HOORAY for you, mainstream media! So, the White House retaliated by only allowing each interviewer 2 minutes instead of the original 5. Boo freaking hoo.
Of course, when Carol E Lee from Politico asked White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, if he believed that FOX should be removed from the White House press pool, he said that wasn’t his job to decide. Oh really? Sounds like you are trying to make it your job.  Of course, as the President stated, he isn’t losing any sleep over this.  He’s just spending a lot of his time trying to stick it to FOX and making a fool of himself in the process. 

I just love it when evil schemes backfire!

Diarrhea of the Mouth

October 22, 2009

Yes, that would be the problem with Alan Grayson, the representative for Florida’s 8th district. Everytime he opens his mouth, crap oozes out.  He is so uncouth that even Vice Prez Joe Biden has called him a “bad comedian” in response to him making jokes about Dick Cheney liking to “shoot old guys”.  Wonder if we can get Cheney to take HIM hunting? 
He is the representative who infamously said that the Republican healthcare plan is 1)Don’t get sick. 2) If you do get sick, die quickly.  This little presentation was given only 3 weeks after Democrats got their undies in a wad about Rep. Joe Wilson shouting “You lie” during the President’s speech on health care reform.  The CNN and MSNBC pansies just couldn’t believe Wilson’s lack of respect and decorum.  Of course, they had no problem with Grayson’s rudeness.  That was just funny.  The most important fact being that Joe Wilson was right (the dems DO want health coverage for illegal aliens – the President WAS lying) and Alan Grayson was wrong (of course Republicans do not want sick people to just die).

After Joe Wilson’s outburst, he later apologized for his actions.  (I wish he hadn’t, but he did.)  When Republicans called for Grayson to apologize, he refused and then later apologized to the dead that died because we didn’t pass health care reform.  Ridiculous.

Now he’s at it again, appearing on MSNBC to call Fox News the “enemy of America“.  He said, “They’re the enemy of anybody who cares about health care in this country, the enemy of anybody who cares about educating their children, the enemy of anybody who wants energy independence or anything good for this country. And certainly the enemy of peace, there’s no doubt about that. They are the enemy.”  Wow, think for yourself much, Mr Grayson?  Sounds to me like you are just being a good little lapdog for the President and attacking his newest annoyance, Fox News.  I’ll bet he’s real proud of you.  Good boy, Alan!  You remind me of that stupid little dog on the cartoons that kept running beside the big dog, jumping over him, and saying “Hey Spike.  C’mon Spike.  What are we gonna do now, Spike?”

One can only hope that the good citizens in the 8th district wake up and elect a new rep next year.  Until then I’m sure we will hear more of these ridiculous comments from Mr. Grayson.  Your day is coming, Mr. Grayson.  America is tired of people like you.  Fox news has the highest ratings for a reason.  MSNBC is in the tank.  America is tired of liberal crap and representatives like you who have no morals.  I think that YOU are the enemy.  The enemy of freedom.  The enemy of prosperity.  The enemy of progress.  The enemy of peace.  The enemy of the American Dream.

Another poser in the party

October 21, 2009

Okay, here’s a little background. John McHugh was the Republican representative for New York’s 23rd congressional district. He left this position to become US Secretary of the Army in September. The governor of New York was required to hold a special election to fill this seat, and he decided to schedule this election on the regular election day, November 3rd this year.  The controversy surrounding this election has to do with the candidates, not the election itself.  The Republican candidate in particular.  Her name is Dierdre Scozzafava.  She has the endorsement of Newt Gingrich, the NRA, and the founder of the Daily Kos?

So how does someone get the support of both Newt and the founder of an extremely liberal internet blog?  Interesting indeed.  Mrs.  Scozzafava could not be further from being a conservative.  She is a liberal running as a republican.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing, although I’m not sure that the Republican’s are the good guys either.  Scozzafava (I think I’ll call her The Scozz from now on) is pro-union.  She supports card check and is endorsed by the Working Families Party which has ties to ACORN.  She is pro-abortion.  She is pro-homosexual marriage.  She supported the stimulus package, cash for clunkers, and the bank bailout.  AND she has received money and support from both the RNC and the NRCC.  Yes, if you have donated to the Grand Ole Party, your hard earned money is actually going to support liberals!  How’s that for irony – just a few weeks ago I received a letter from them claiming that if I DIDN’T give them money, I would be electing liberals to office.  Wow, the old switcheroo.  Divert and evade. 

Another twist to the story is that there IS an actual conservative running for the same office.  Doug Hoffman was originally a nominee for the Republican party, lost to The Scozz, and got picked up by the Conservative Party of New York.  Not only did the Republican National Committee choose to endorse a leftist Scozz over Hoffman, they are actually paying to run ads AGAINST him and smear his name.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?

Newt actually had the nerve to call her “our best chance to put responsible and principled leaders in Washington”.  Shame on you, Newt.  This is right up there with your Pelosi global warming love fest.   (Which reminds me that The Scozz is a global warming legislation advocate as well.)  Newt implied that if we (Republicans) want to win elections, we can’t be so worried about being moral.  He said, “If you seek to be a perfect minority, you’ll remain a minority.”

The Scozz is just like Obama and his administration in another way as well.  She can’t handle criticism or tough questions.  When a reporter started asking questions that she didn’t want to answer, she called the cops.  Oh, well, I’m sure it wasn’t a “legitimate news organization” anyway, right? 

I’m actually glad that this is coming to a head.  This is the opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff, people!  A “civil” war of the Republican Party.  This nonsense MUST stop.  Liberals should be running under the Democratic Party.  They do not belong in the RNC.  RINO’S GET OUT.  If I have to sacrifice my morals to win an election, I don’t want to win.  I want to be able to lay my head on my pillow at night and know that I have taken a stand for what is right.

Tolerance, open-mindedness, and all that crap

October 19, 2009

I just love how liberals tout tolerance and open-mindedness when it fits their agenda, and then turn around and do the opposite. Love, love, love hypocrisy. BIG fan.

Representatives for the White House like Communications Director Anita Dunn and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel continue to make disparaging remarks about Fox News.  Ms. Dunn said that Fox News was like an “arm” of the Republican Party and called it “opinion journalism masquerading as news”.  Emanuel stated, “it’s not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.”

David Axelrod, White House Senior Advisor, all out said that Fox wasn’t even news and even called for other news channels to stop treating them as if they were.  He said that “they” would continue to appear on Fox, but with the understanding that it wasn’t really news.  Just an opinion network or something.  Interestingly enough, “they” does not include the President.

What happened to that lovey-dovey, touchy-feely, hopey-changey thing?  It’s dealing with a 4-year-old.  If you don’t agree with me and constantly tell me how wonderful I am and how much you love me, I’m just gonna take my ball and go home.  What happened to that whole “we believe everyone is entitled to an opinion” thing?  What happened to that little freedom of the press thingy?  Oh, that’s right, we flushed that with the rest of the Constitution. 

And, really, for anyone who has watched CNN or MSNBC, you mean to tell me that Rachel Maddow and Wolf Blitzer are fair and balanced?  HAHAHA!  The White House doesn’t have a problem with those networks because they are falling all over themselves to kiss his Presidential behind.  Messiah worship.  And they promote his evil ideology.  If any network is an “arm” of a party, certainly CNN and MSNBC oughta be on the DNC payroll. 

In the end, the President and his cronies are doing themselves no favors.   In the 3rd quarter of 2009, Fox News was home to all of the top 10 cable news programs.  Fox averaged over 2 million viewers in primetime, more than CNN and MSNBC combined.  Also, while all of the “top” programs on those other channels were tanking, the programs on Fox were climbing in viewership.  Ah, it’s true – success is always the best revenge.

Definition of Insanity

October 18, 2009

Okay, we’ve all heard the saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why does the GOP not get this? The latest Rasmussen report states that if Huckabee and Romney are two of our choices for Republican Party Candidate, Huckabee has a slight advantage over Romney. (Huckabee getting 44% of the vote; Romney 39%).  Worse yet, 81% of Republican voters polled said that they believed this candidate would beat Obama in 2012!  HELLO!  These are the same choices we had last time!  DIDN’T WORK!

I don’t really know how else to explain this to the Republican Party “powers that be”.  We don’t want the same old crap!  Have they not learned anything by watching the Tea Party movement?  We want someone who represents us.  We want a true conservative.  Both socially and fiscally conservative.  We want a return to the Constitution and we want limited government.  We want our lives back – no more bailouts, no more socialism, no more porkulus. 

If Romney and Huckabee couldn’t beat McCain in the primary, and McCain couldn’t beat Obama in the election, what makes anyone think that Romney and Huckabee can beat Obama?  This ain’t fuzzy math, people.  It is simple.  Thank you Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee for your service.  Now kindly step aside and make way for someone new, fresh, and truly conservative to lead the party.  Please don’t let the door hit you when you leave.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect 200 dollars. 

There just has to be someone better.  I have to believe it.  This cannot be the best we have to offer.  Once again, I am truly, truly disappointed with the GOP.  And then you got that “Republican” chick up in NY – Oh, that is a whole different post cause she makes me want to scream.  Wolf in sheep’s clothing = Dem running for office as a Republican. 

Please, Grand Ole Party, Please, do NOT put some more of the same old people on the ballot in 2012.  I’m giving you plenty of notice!  Start looking now.

The murder of innocent children should be “safe, legal and rare”

October 17, 2009

Roughly 3000 people died in the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.
Total number of military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan – approximately 5000.
Number of innocent babies murdered every day in the United States alone: 4000. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

In no way do I mean to belittle those who have given their lives in service to our country or those whose lives were taken away by cold, heartless killers on 9/11.  I simply hope that this shows you the vast number of abortions  that are performed everyday in the US. 

Pro-abortion liberals love to say that they think abortion should be “safe, legal and rare”.  Which begs some questions.  If there is nothing wrong with abortion- if you aren’t really killing a child, just a fetus – then why should it be rare?  Why not perform them as often as we can?  If you say something should be rare, then you are at least admitting that it might be a questionable practice.  They love to say that they wouldn’t have an abortion, but they think that others should have the right to.  Well, now, I certainly wouldn’t commit rape, but maybe others should have the right to.  What if rape were safe, legal, and rare? 

They love to throw that guilt trip on you and say, “But what about rape, incest, and cases where the pregnancy will kill the mother?”.  I mean what kind of a person are you to say that all those people who are raped have to keep their babies?  Abortions due to rape and incest combined only account for less than 5% of all abortions.  (Most sources actually say it is only 1%).  That would mean the other 95% of abortions (3800 per day) are due to people using abortion as birth control. 

So the way that liberals get around the fact that abortion is murder is that they claim that the baby inside the womb isn’t a baby.  No folks, that is just a fetus.  It is not legally considered a baby until it is born.  Forget the fact that it has a heartbeat at about 4 weeks after conception.  Forget that most babies can survive outside the womb by weeks 25-28.  One liberal told my husband that a fetus was like “a car without a driver.”

Let’s talk about partial birth abortion.  President Obama thinks it is wonderful.  This is the process where the baby is delivered except for the head which is still inside the mother’s body.  This way they can say it isn’t born yet so it isn’t really a baby yet.  Then the doctor takes a sharp instrument and stabs it into the baby’s brain, killing the baby.  Then the baby can be fully delivered.  Absolutely horrific.

There is also the little matter of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.  This was a measure that was to protect babies who “accidentally” survived abortion.  This measure stated that the babies could not be killed or left to die after they were “accidentally” born.  President Obama opposed a similar measure in the Illinois Senate.  He obviously feels that even though the “fetus” has been born and is now a “baby”, it still deserves to be murdered.  After all, he stated that he wouldn’t want his daughter to be “punished with a baby”.  Aw, isn’t that sweet?

The Bible says that God created man in his own image.  Obviously God holds human life to be very special.  “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee.  And before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee.”  Jeremiah 1:5  KJV  “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:30 KJV

I believe that life begins at conception.  Having been pregnant twice, I absolutely cannot believe that the little people I felt kicking around in my belly were not of any value.  Not real people.  Not human.  I believe that God created each life.  Do I think that if I were raped, it would be easy to keep that baby?  No, I don’t think it would be easy, but I truly believe that God would not give you a baby that he wanted you to kill.

What if you have already had an abortion?  Jesus died for this sin too and offers you forgiveness and salvation when you believe in him.  If you are not already a member of a church, contact a local Christian minister and ask for help and counseling.  If you are struggling with whether or not to have an abortion, please know that there are other options.  I currently know several families who would love to have a baby to adopt.  You can birth your baby and give it a nice home.  God created this child and would never want you to murder him or her.  Please explore your options with a caring Christian counselor.  If you go to Planned Parenthood, you will probably be talked into abortion. 

Vote your conscience!  Tell your representatives that Abortion is wrong, and you will not support murderers on Capitol Hill.  God does not take murder lightly!  If you are a Christian and vote for pro-abortion politicians, I wonder how you reconcile that with God’s word.  You will be held accountable.  After King David ordered Uriah killed in the book of 2 Samuel, David confessed to murder.  He did not kill Uriah with his own hands, but his words were responsible for his death.  When you vote pro-abortion, your words are murdering innocent children.  You, like David, are guilty before God.