The Angry Conservative

I am mad. I am so mad I can’t stand it. The state of this Nation is absoutely disgusting. I am starting this blog because the people on Facebook are tired of hearing me rant about politics and, frankly, I have so much to say that I just can’t fit it all in a status update.
Let me just start by listing a few of the things that have me really riled.
The fact that liberals are so worried about the plight of a fish in California that they have cut off the water supply to farmers and destroyed their crops YET they certainly don’t mind the mass murder of 4000 babies every day in this country.
The fact that liberals are just itching to pass this Cap and Trade crap that is based on phony science and Al Gore’s propaganda.
I don’t even know where to begin with the whole Socialist takeover of the healthcare system. Open up the system to real free-trade and let’s see it work.
Evolution and other left-wing fantasies are taught as fact in our public schools. You teach people that they are monkeys long enough, and they will begin to act like monkeys.
The fact that the bleeding heart liberals have actually convinced us that we (white Americans of European descent) should feel guilty because we are evil, white capitalist pigs who are responsible for slavery and murdering Indians. They have rewritten history and convinced us that the Civil War was over slavery – southerners wanting to keep it and the noble northerners wanting to abolish it. They have made us to feel that we should never be allowed to have anything good, because we don’t deserve it for all the cruelty we are responsible for.
The fact that liberals have demonized Capitalism and convinced us to believe that Socialism is a good thing. Since when is working hard and making money a bad thing? That is the American Dream. People don’t swim across shark-infested oceans to get to a country where everyone has the exact same thing regardless of how hard they work.
This is only a small taste of the things that I am going to be complaining about on this blog. Before you say something cute about the fact that if I don’t like something, I should work to change it, I’ll go ahead and tell you that I already am working to change it.
Hope you enjoy. If you don’t, atleast be man (or woman) enough to leave your name when you leave your rude comment.


One Response to The Angry Conservative

  1. Tarheel Pundit says:

    Liberals are big on bankruptcy – they’ve morally bankrupted this country and now they’re economically bankrupting us as well.

    Preach on! Liberal ideologies are appealing to elementary school kids, college kids living on mom and dad’s dime and folks who have never been on the paying end of socialism. They might cry “economic disadvantage!! No fair!” but I’d direct them towards the continent of Africa – there’s your economically disadvantaged.

    It’s time the left half of this country got it’s act together and stopped expecting and demanding the self-sufficient right side take care of them. I wish I’d lived back in the 40’s and 50’s when it was cool to take care of yourself and your family, and shameful to make a lifestyle out of welfare.

    But as you’ve said many times, all these issues are rooted in godlessness. And in the end, every knee will bow and declare that Christ is King, whether they believe now or not.

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