I heart Al Gore

Let me start by saying, that if you are relying on Al Gore for your scientific data, you are wrong. Come on. I wouldn’t even take his advice on where to eat lunch. Let alone follow him to the brink of ridiculousness with this global warming crap.

His movie, An Inconvenient Truth, was considered to be so full of incorrect facts that it wasn’t allowed to be shown to British students without a 56 page disclaimer.  How’s that for inconvenient.  It’s just bogus science.  Let’s face it – you can find an “expert” to back up anything you want to claim.  I’m sure I could find an “expert” to prove that our use of toothpaste is directly responsible for the decline in the South American tree frog population.  Science is like statistics.  You can bend it to meet your agenda. 

I don’t think that Al has a residence in Colorado.  If he did, he might be scratching his head about our cooler-than-normal summer and the fact that we have already had several snows and an ice storm and it is only October 14th.  

Of course, their comeback to this is that after several years of man-made warming, the climate will naturally have a downshift.   Oh, really?  So when the Earth warms, it is our fault.   When the Earth cools, it is a natural phenomenon.  Interesting. 

If my local meteorologist cannot even acurately predict what my weather will be this weekend, why do we believe that Al Gore can predict what the weather will be like in 50 years?  Granted, this is the genius that invented the internet (*snicker*), but he is not God.  I know, I know.  God is a subject for a WHOLE different post.

Let me just say that God created the Heavens and the Earth.  He alone knows why the Earth’s climate does what it does, but rest assured that He has a reason for everything.  The climate goes through natural cycles- some up, some down.  But if Democrats admit that global warming is a lie, how will they ever pass Cap and Trade?


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