Hat tip: Fairness Doctrine

Don’t accuse me of being unfair. I’ve had it with the GOP too. So, I got this nice, little Republican Party questionaire in the mail. I was excited. I really want the GOP to listen to our concerns and start acting like real conservatives. So I filled out all the questions on the important issues – economy, social issues, homeland security, domestic policy, defense.
Then I get to the real reason for the survey. They want my money. Now I am not so naive that this came as a shock. I know that’s what they want, but they aren’t going to get it. There is too much money flowing around Washington, in and out of politician’s hands.  Maybe if their haircuts didn’t cost $400, they could afford to restructure the party.  Maybe if they weren’t “supposedly” paying $12 to tabulate each survey (yes, it actually said that), taxpayers might actually trust them with a contribution.    By the way, please hire me and pay me $12 per survey – please forward my paycheck to my newly purchased horse ranch in Castle Rock.  No, it wasn’t the fact that they asked for money.  It was the fact that they gave me no other option. 

The question read, “Will you join the Republican National Committee by making a contribution today?”  Harmless enough.  Option 1 was “Yes, I support the RNC and am enclosing my most generous contribution of…”.  Option 2 was “Yes,  I support the RNC, but am unable to participate at this time.  However, I have enclosed $12 TO COVER THE COST OF TABULATING MY SURVEY.”  Option 3, the only other option besides a donation, read “No, I favor electing liberal democrats over the next ten years.”

REALLY?  Those are my only options?  Either I give to the RNC or I might as well be voting for Pelosi.  Hmmm…Needless to say, this really burned me up.  I do NOT like to be threatened or belittled.

The GOP is treading on thin ice with me anyway.  I’m talking to you, Olympia Snowe.  No, John McCain, we don’t want you to make over the party in your centrist views.  We want Reagan-type Republicans.  We want God-fearing, abortion-hating, Bible-believing conservatives to lead our party.  And if the same old Romney, Huckabee, McCain type people are on the ballot in 2012, I will be voting for the Constitution Party.


3 Responses to Hat tip: Fairness Doctrine

  1. Donna's Husband says:

    Siskel & Ebert give this blog two thumbs up!

  2. Savannah says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  3. drea76 says:


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