Race Card: You gotta know when to fold em

You know when someone uses a word or phrase so often that it really ceases to have its intended meaning? Like when someone tells you that you are beautiful and awesome so many times that you wonder if they are telling the truth. What? That happens to me all the time. Well, a better example might be when someone overuses the word “literally”. For instance, “I literally just died”. Okay, you didn’t literally die, but whatever.
The same thing has happened with the word “racist”. Pretty much if you are white and oppose Barack Obama, you are a racist. Nevermind the fact that he is the most dangerous, liberal President our country has ever had – you are racist.  Nevermind the fact that he has surrounded himself with self-proclaimed Communists and anti-American radicals- you are racist.  And if you happen to be black and oppose Obortion, I mean Obama, you are Uncle Tom (which is another way of saying that you are a traitor because you like hanging out with those white people too much). 
Of course, this is just to play into our great, self-destructive white guilt.  Our ancestors were mean,white people who oppressed and pillaged wherever they went, laying waste to entire civilizations with our germs and our guns.  This is what we are taught during our 13 years of public school liberal indoctrination, right?  We don’t even belong here, do we?  We took this land away from the unassuming Native Americans.  (I am aware that this PC term for Indians has changed to something even more PC, but I am not a very PC person so this will have to suffice.)  Let me just relieve a little of that guilt for you.  A little research in this area will show that we did not “steal” the land from the Native people.  We had European goods that they were interested in, and they were more than willing to trade land for those goods.  

Okay, so maybe we have a right to American land then, but nothing can excuse the white man (especially the Southern white man) from slavery.  First of all, no one is saying that slavery is a good thing.  However, the United States was certainly not the first land to have slaves.  Check out Egypt – who do you think built those pyramids?  And slavery in the US did not originate in the South.  Massachusetts was the first colony to legalize slavery in 1641.  (Virginia didn’t legalize it for another 20 years.)  The civil war was not over slavery (I’ll devote a whole post to that later).  And, most importantly to the issue of white guilt, just because I am white does not mean that my ancestors owned slaves.  Many people just weren’t wealthy enough to do so.  And even if they did, I certainly was not alive then.  Why should I be making reparations for them?  Let’s make a deal.  I’ll make reparations for slavery if you let me research your ancestors and hold you accountable for any immoral or criminal activity they may have committed.  Fair?  Any takers?   

One would think that if we had reached a point in our history where a black man could be elected to the highest office in the land, we would stop insisting that this is a racist country.  For him to win, he obviously had to get a few white votes. 

I think the real issue here is that liberals have no real arguments to support what they believe.  They know that they have built their house of straw and they are trying to divert us from huffing and puffing.  It’s like yelling “fire” when there is no fire.  You might get away the first time, but if anyone falls for it the next time they have got to be pretty dense. 

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the like have built their careers on using the race card.  Sorry, guys.  It is just losing its effect.  You may have to research other career options.  I hear Denny’s is hiring.


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