Definition of Insanity

Okay, we’ve all heard the saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why does the GOP not get this? The latest Rasmussen report states that if Huckabee and Romney are two of our choices for Republican Party Candidate, Huckabee has a slight advantage over Romney. (Huckabee getting 44% of the vote; Romney 39%).  Worse yet, 81% of Republican voters polled said that they believed this candidate would beat Obama in 2012!  HELLO!  These are the same choices we had last time!  DIDN’T WORK!

I don’t really know how else to explain this to the Republican Party “powers that be”.  We don’t want the same old crap!  Have they not learned anything by watching the Tea Party movement?  We want someone who represents us.  We want a true conservative.  Both socially and fiscally conservative.  We want a return to the Constitution and we want limited government.  We want our lives back – no more bailouts, no more socialism, no more porkulus. 

If Romney and Huckabee couldn’t beat McCain in the primary, and McCain couldn’t beat Obama in the election, what makes anyone think that Romney and Huckabee can beat Obama?  This ain’t fuzzy math, people.  It is simple.  Thank you Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee for your service.  Now kindly step aside and make way for someone new, fresh, and truly conservative to lead the party.  Please don’t let the door hit you when you leave.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect 200 dollars. 

There just has to be someone better.  I have to believe it.  This cannot be the best we have to offer.  Once again, I am truly, truly disappointed with the GOP.  And then you got that “Republican” chick up in NY – Oh, that is a whole different post cause she makes me want to scream.  Wolf in sheep’s clothing = Dem running for office as a Republican. 

Please, Grand Ole Party, Please, do NOT put some more of the same old people on the ballot in 2012.  I’m giving you plenty of notice!  Start looking now.


3 Responses to Definition of Insanity

  1. Robert says:

    “If Romney and Huckabee couldn’t beat McCain in the primary, and McCain couldn’t beat Obama in the election, what makes anyone think that Romney and Huckabee can beat Obama?”

    That is stupid. Ford beat Reagan and Carter beat Ford so Carter should beat Reagan, right? That isn’t what happened. Your logic is not solid.

    I know you want more choices but they are just not emerging yet.

  2. drea76 says:

    Point taken. No need to call my opinion “stupid” though. You actually have a good point, but people will be more likely to listen to you if you don’t insult them first. If either Romney or Huckabee were of the caliber that Reagan was, I might not have such a problem with it. Perhaps a “Reagan” will surface.

  3. Tarheel Pundit says:

    The GOP is screwed if these two are still the top contenders at the end of 2011.

    Huckabee is NOT a fiscal conservative, he’s a tax-and-spend liberal who just happens to be an evangelical Christian and a social conservative. I don’t know what that makes him (an oxymoronic liberal Christian??) He’s in his element hosting a tv show and playing with the Little Rockers. He needs to just stay put and throw his support to Palin. If they both run, they’ll split the evangelical vote and make way for the 3rd runner up to take the lead in the primaries.

    Romney has the albatross of RomneyCare hung around his neck. He can tout fiscal responsibility and conservatism, but his actions as Governor of MA say otherwise.

    I think these two didn’t beat McCain in the primaries for a couple of reasons: one, because the GOP has an open primary, which is insane and needs to be changed before 2010, but it’s not happening unfortunately. McCain was the next best thing to a Democrat, and also the most likely to be defeated by the Dem candidate, so he got their vote in the primaries. Two, the way the electoral votes are cast gave McCain an advantage. Even if he only got 34% of the total popular vote in a state where Romney and Huckabee tied at 33%, he got 100% of the electoral votes needed to clinch the nomination. I think this scenario occurred in more than one state. And third, the timing structure of the primaries combined with my previous point, gave him an advantage. If ALL primaries were held on Super Tuesday we might have had a drastically different outcome. It would also kill two birds with one stone, and essentially negate the fact that the GOP primary is open – the Dems won’t waste their votes on our candidates. And the fact that the SRM chose McCain as the “best” choice early on didn’t help Romney or Huckabee either. The secular American media will never support an ardent Christian (Huckabee) or someone they confuse with a Christian that’s anti-abortion (Romney).

    We need a solid conservative, a fiery orator and someone with a track record of getting stuff done. It is a shame that the SRM has probably eternally tarnished Sarah Palin with their attacks, misrepresentations and outright lies. She is the ONLY person in the GOP camp that fits the bill.

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