Another poser in the party

October 21, 2009

Okay, here’s a little background. John McHugh was the Republican representative for New York’s 23rd congressional district. He left this position to become US Secretary of the Army in September. The governor of New York was required to hold a special election to fill this seat, and he decided to schedule this election on the regular election day, November 3rd this year.  The controversy surrounding this election has to do with the candidates, not the election itself.  The Republican candidate in particular.  Her name is Dierdre Scozzafava.  She has the endorsement of Newt Gingrich, the NRA, and the founder of the Daily Kos?

So how does someone get the support of both Newt and the founder of an extremely liberal internet blog?  Interesting indeed.  Mrs.  Scozzafava could not be further from being a conservative.  She is a liberal running as a republican.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing, although I’m not sure that the Republican’s are the good guys either.  Scozzafava (I think I’ll call her The Scozz from now on) is pro-union.  She supports card check and is endorsed by the Working Families Party which has ties to ACORN.  She is pro-abortion.  She is pro-homosexual marriage.  She supported the stimulus package, cash for clunkers, and the bank bailout.  AND she has received money and support from both the RNC and the NRCC.  Yes, if you have donated to the Grand Ole Party, your hard earned money is actually going to support liberals!  How’s that for irony – just a few weeks ago I received a letter from them claiming that if I DIDN’T give them money, I would be electing liberals to office.  Wow, the old switcheroo.  Divert and evade. 

Another twist to the story is that there IS an actual conservative running for the same office.  Doug Hoffman was originally a nominee for the Republican party, lost to The Scozz, and got picked up by the Conservative Party of New York.  Not only did the Republican National Committee choose to endorse a leftist Scozz over Hoffman, they are actually paying to run ads AGAINST him and smear his name.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?

Newt actually had the nerve to call her “our best chance to put responsible and principled leaders in Washington”.  Shame on you, Newt.  This is right up there with your Pelosi global warming love fest.   (Which reminds me that The Scozz is a global warming legislation advocate as well.)  Newt implied that if we (Republicans) want to win elections, we can’t be so worried about being moral.  He said, “If you seek to be a perfect minority, you’ll remain a minority.”

The Scozz is just like Obama and his administration in another way as well.  She can’t handle criticism or tough questions.  When a reporter started asking questions that she didn’t want to answer, she called the cops.  Oh, well, I’m sure it wasn’t a “legitimate news organization” anyway, right? 

I’m actually glad that this is coming to a head.  This is the opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff, people!  A “civil” war of the Republican Party.  This nonsense MUST stop.  Liberals should be running under the Democratic Party.  They do not belong in the RNC.  RINO’S GET OUT.  If I have to sacrifice my morals to win an election, I don’t want to win.  I want to be able to lay my head on my pillow at night and know that I have taken a stand for what is right.


Definition of Insanity

October 18, 2009

Okay, we’ve all heard the saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why does the GOP not get this? The latest Rasmussen report states that if Huckabee and Romney are two of our choices for Republican Party Candidate, Huckabee has a slight advantage over Romney. (Huckabee getting 44% of the vote; Romney 39%).  Worse yet, 81% of Republican voters polled said that they believed this candidate would beat Obama in 2012!  HELLO!  These are the same choices we had last time!  DIDN’T WORK!

I don’t really know how else to explain this to the Republican Party “powers that be”.  We don’t want the same old crap!  Have they not learned anything by watching the Tea Party movement?  We want someone who represents us.  We want a true conservative.  Both socially and fiscally conservative.  We want a return to the Constitution and we want limited government.  We want our lives back – no more bailouts, no more socialism, no more porkulus. 

If Romney and Huckabee couldn’t beat McCain in the primary, and McCain couldn’t beat Obama in the election, what makes anyone think that Romney and Huckabee can beat Obama?  This ain’t fuzzy math, people.  It is simple.  Thank you Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee for your service.  Now kindly step aside and make way for someone new, fresh, and truly conservative to lead the party.  Please don’t let the door hit you when you leave.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect 200 dollars. 

There just has to be someone better.  I have to believe it.  This cannot be the best we have to offer.  Once again, I am truly, truly disappointed with the GOP.  And then you got that “Republican” chick up in NY – Oh, that is a whole different post cause she makes me want to scream.  Wolf in sheep’s clothing = Dem running for office as a Republican. 

Please, Grand Ole Party, Please, do NOT put some more of the same old people on the ballot in 2012.  I’m giving you plenty of notice!  Start looking now.