You lie down with dogs…

October 17, 2009

I think you can tell alot about someone by the people they surround themselves with.  Most people have close friends that share the same interests and habits that they do.  We spend our scarce free time with like-minded Christian conservatives.  I do have people that I love who do not share my ideology, and I will always love them, but I think that most of us choose to surround ourselves with those who think like we do.  For example, I have had the same best friend for twenty years.  If you were to interview us separately, we would probably answer most questions the same.  For the most part, we share the same beliefs on God, family, and country.  This is one of the things that makes us a perfect fit.  (Another being that we are the only ones who get our jokes, but that’s another story!)  My point being that you could learn a lot about me just by knowing my friends and family.

If I were going to pick a group of advisors or assistants, I would certainly pick people who were similar to myself.  Especially if it were a situation where I wasn’t really able to constantly check over that person’s shoulder.  I would want someone who I could appoint and then trust that they would do what I would do in any given situation.  Those people would be acting in my stead and under my authority.  Why would I choose someone who was radically different than me?

Let’s pretend that I am President and I decide that I would like to surround myself with a bunch of people who could advise me and oversee things that I don’t necessarily have the time to oversee.  Let’s say that I may be appointing people who wouldn’t pass a character investigation, so I make them “czars”.  They report directly to me and do not have to go through any approval by Congress.  Wouldn’t it be safe to say that these czars would probably share my ideology?  Would it be accurate to say that you could study the collective beliefs of this group and get a good idea of who I was?

What if one of the members of my group was Van Jones?  What would that say about me?  If one of my own hand-chosen advisors was a self-proclaimed Communist, with a history of radical anti-government comments, would it be safe to say that I shared some (if not all) of his beliefs?  Surely I would know about his stance on these subjects.  Surely I would carefully research my choices.  Well, maybe this one person’s past was overlooked.

But what if you then learned that I sat in the pews of a black liberation theology church for twenty years.  What if my close friend, pastor, and confidante was Jeremiah Wright – the pastor who said ” G. D. America” in a sermon?  What if the same pastor who officiated my wedding and baptized my children also claimed that America deserved what happened on September 11th?  Maybe I sat in that church for all those years and never heard a word.  Maybe I heard everything.  Maybe I heard him when he preached racism against white people and then claimed that it wasn’t racist to hate white people because they deserved it.

Okay, so I’ve got two questionable friends.  You can’t really hold that against me, can you?  Well then you dig a little deeper and find Timothy Geithner.  I appointed him to Treasury secretary despite the fact that he had a history of cheating on his taxes.  He should be trustworthy with the Treasury, right?  Then you find Cass Sunstein.  I made him administrator of the WH office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.  He believes that hunting should be outlawed and that animals have the right to legal representation when they want to sue their owners. 

Aside from my domestic associations that might worry you, I also feel a comraderie with international thugs like Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jong-Il.  I have also decided to turn my back on our trusted allies like Israel, claiming that the Jewish people are trespassing. 

You couldn’t hold all those things against me!  They don’t speak for me!  I’m my own person!  Just because I surround myself with radical Communists doesn’t mean I am one!  Birds of a feather don’t flock together!  Do they?


Rush and the NFL Plantation

October 16, 2009

Let me start by saying that I do not in any way, shape, or form give a flying crap about professional football.  I think that every Fall Friday night all across America, thousands of kids put more blood, sweat, and tears into highschool football games than those overpaid thugs ever will.  Something funny happens when you get paid a ridiculous amount to do something that comes easily to you – you become arrogant and complacent.  Yep, that pretty much sums up the National Football League. 

So everyone has heard by now that the horrible, white, “racist”, conservative Rush Limbaugh was part of a group that was trying to buy the St. Louis Rams.  Rush was dropped from this group by the Dave Checketts, who was heading the bid.  But why?

NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, cited this reason: “divisive comments are not what the NFL is all about.”  And this, “I’ve said many times before, we’re all held to a high standard here. I would not want to see those comments coming from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL — absolutely not.”

Sooo, let me see if I’ve got all this straight.  You can be convicted of running a dog-fighting ring on your property.  That’s perfectly okay.  We’ll still let you play in the NFL.  You may be dropped by your old team, but obviously the Philadelphia Eagles will pick you up.  But you absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, be an outspoken conservative.  We will make up lies about you to prove that you are an evil racist.  We are about 100% sure that you are viewing the NFL as a Plantation.  (WHAT???) 

I’m from the Charlotte area of North Carolina.  Back when we had both the Charlotte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers residing in Charlotte, those players were always in the news getting DUI’s, getting into fights, etc.  I think the crime rate rose exponentially with the addition of each new team.  First you had Rae Carruth who was charged with murder for having someone kill his pregnant girlfriend.  Just last year, Dwayne Jarrett- a Panther’s wide receiver – was arrested for DWI.  Back when Kerry Collins was still with the Panthers, he was also arrested for drunk driving and also used a racial slur (starts with an n) against a teammate.  Interestingly enough, Collins is still in the NFL playing for the Tennessee Titans.

My point is, the NFL is not a bridge club.  It is not a tea party.  It is not the cub scouts.  These players, owners, coaches are not saints by any stretch of the imagination.  For this establishment to look down its nose at Rush, as if he would soil their spotless reputation, is ridiculous.  Once again, liberals have made up lies about someone because they have no other recourse.  They have no real case against him.  They hate him because he exposes them for their evil, anti-American ways.  And once again, if you do not believe the liberal  Socialist hogwash that is coming out of Washington, you are a racist.  And you are just waiting for the first opportunity to buy a plantation.

Just some food for thought:  One liberal interviewed after the G20 summit stated, “Please tell me why ANYONE would need to make more than $200,000 a year?”  The NFL should probably stick with Rush.  I don’t think he would favor capping their salaries.

Race Card: You gotta know when to fold em

October 16, 2009

You know when someone uses a word or phrase so often that it really ceases to have its intended meaning? Like when someone tells you that you are beautiful and awesome so many times that you wonder if they are telling the truth. What? That happens to me all the time. Well, a better example might be when someone overuses the word “literally”. For instance, “I literally just died”. Okay, you didn’t literally die, but whatever.
The same thing has happened with the word “racist”. Pretty much if you are white and oppose Barack Obama, you are a racist. Nevermind the fact that he is the most dangerous, liberal President our country has ever had – you are racist.  Nevermind the fact that he has surrounded himself with self-proclaimed Communists and anti-American radicals- you are racist.  And if you happen to be black and oppose Obortion, I mean Obama, you are Uncle Tom (which is another way of saying that you are a traitor because you like hanging out with those white people too much). 
Of course, this is just to play into our great, self-destructive white guilt.  Our ancestors were mean,white people who oppressed and pillaged wherever they went, laying waste to entire civilizations with our germs and our guns.  This is what we are taught during our 13 years of public school liberal indoctrination, right?  We don’t even belong here, do we?  We took this land away from the unassuming Native Americans.  (I am aware that this PC term for Indians has changed to something even more PC, but I am not a very PC person so this will have to suffice.)  Let me just relieve a little of that guilt for you.  A little research in this area will show that we did not “steal” the land from the Native people.  We had European goods that they were interested in, and they were more than willing to trade land for those goods.  

Okay, so maybe we have a right to American land then, but nothing can excuse the white man (especially the Southern white man) from slavery.  First of all, no one is saying that slavery is a good thing.  However, the United States was certainly not the first land to have slaves.  Check out Egypt – who do you think built those pyramids?  And slavery in the US did not originate in the South.  Massachusetts was the first colony to legalize slavery in 1641.  (Virginia didn’t legalize it for another 20 years.)  The civil war was not over slavery (I’ll devote a whole post to that later).  And, most importantly to the issue of white guilt, just because I am white does not mean that my ancestors owned slaves.  Many people just weren’t wealthy enough to do so.  And even if they did, I certainly was not alive then.  Why should I be making reparations for them?  Let’s make a deal.  I’ll make reparations for slavery if you let me research your ancestors and hold you accountable for any immoral or criminal activity they may have committed.  Fair?  Any takers?   

One would think that if we had reached a point in our history where a black man could be elected to the highest office in the land, we would stop insisting that this is a racist country.  For him to win, he obviously had to get a few white votes. 

I think the real issue here is that liberals have no real arguments to support what they believe.  They know that they have built their house of straw and they are trying to divert us from huffing and puffing.  It’s like yelling “fire” when there is no fire.  You might get away the first time, but if anyone falls for it the next time they have got to be pretty dense. 

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the like have built their careers on using the race card.  Sorry, guys.  It is just losing its effect.  You may have to research other career options.  I hear Denny’s is hiring.

Hat tip: Fairness Doctrine

October 15, 2009

Don’t accuse me of being unfair. I’ve had it with the GOP too. So, I got this nice, little Republican Party questionaire in the mail. I was excited. I really want the GOP to listen to our concerns and start acting like real conservatives. So I filled out all the questions on the important issues – economy, social issues, homeland security, domestic policy, defense.
Then I get to the real reason for the survey. They want my money. Now I am not so naive that this came as a shock. I know that’s what they want, but they aren’t going to get it. There is too much money flowing around Washington, in and out of politician’s hands.  Maybe if their haircuts didn’t cost $400, they could afford to restructure the party.  Maybe if they weren’t “supposedly” paying $12 to tabulate each survey (yes, it actually said that), taxpayers might actually trust them with a contribution.    By the way, please hire me and pay me $12 per survey – please forward my paycheck to my newly purchased horse ranch in Castle Rock.  No, it wasn’t the fact that they asked for money.  It was the fact that they gave me no other option. 

The question read, “Will you join the Republican National Committee by making a contribution today?”  Harmless enough.  Option 1 was “Yes, I support the RNC and am enclosing my most generous contribution of…”.  Option 2 was “Yes,  I support the RNC, but am unable to participate at this time.  However, I have enclosed $12 TO COVER THE COST OF TABULATING MY SURVEY.”  Option 3, the only other option besides a donation, read “No, I favor electing liberal democrats over the next ten years.”

REALLY?  Those are my only options?  Either I give to the RNC or I might as well be voting for Pelosi.  Hmmm…Needless to say, this really burned me up.  I do NOT like to be threatened or belittled.

The GOP is treading on thin ice with me anyway.  I’m talking to you, Olympia Snowe.  No, John McCain, we don’t want you to make over the party in your centrist views.  We want Reagan-type Republicans.  We want God-fearing, abortion-hating, Bible-believing conservatives to lead our party.  And if the same old Romney, Huckabee, McCain type people are on the ballot in 2012, I will be voting for the Constitution Party.

I heart Al Gore

October 14, 2009

Let me start by saying, that if you are relying on Al Gore for your scientific data, you are wrong. Come on. I wouldn’t even take his advice on where to eat lunch. Let alone follow him to the brink of ridiculousness with this global warming crap.

His movie, An Inconvenient Truth, was considered to be so full of incorrect facts that it wasn’t allowed to be shown to British students without a 56 page disclaimer.  How’s that for inconvenient.  It’s just bogus science.  Let’s face it – you can find an “expert” to back up anything you want to claim.  I’m sure I could find an “expert” to prove that our use of toothpaste is directly responsible for the decline in the South American tree frog population.  Science is like statistics.  You can bend it to meet your agenda. 

I don’t think that Al has a residence in Colorado.  If he did, he might be scratching his head about our cooler-than-normal summer and the fact that we have already had several snows and an ice storm and it is only October 14th.  

Of course, their comeback to this is that after several years of man-made warming, the climate will naturally have a downshift.   Oh, really?  So when the Earth warms, it is our fault.   When the Earth cools, it is a natural phenomenon.  Interesting. 

If my local meteorologist cannot even acurately predict what my weather will be this weekend, why do we believe that Al Gore can predict what the weather will be like in 50 years?  Granted, this is the genius that invented the internet (*snicker*), but he is not God.  I know, I know.  God is a subject for a WHOLE different post.

Let me just say that God created the Heavens and the Earth.  He alone knows why the Earth’s climate does what it does, but rest assured that He has a reason for everything.  The climate goes through natural cycles- some up, some down.  But if Democrats admit that global warming is a lie, how will they ever pass Cap and Trade?

The Angry Conservative

October 10, 2009

I am mad. I am so mad I can’t stand it. The state of this Nation is absoutely disgusting. I am starting this blog because the people on Facebook are tired of hearing me rant about politics and, frankly, I have so much to say that I just can’t fit it all in a status update.
Let me just start by listing a few of the things that have me really riled.
The fact that liberals are so worried about the plight of a fish in California that they have cut off the water supply to farmers and destroyed their crops YET they certainly don’t mind the mass murder of 4000 babies every day in this country.
The fact that liberals are just itching to pass this Cap and Trade crap that is based on phony science and Al Gore’s propaganda.
I don’t even know where to begin with the whole Socialist takeover of the healthcare system. Open up the system to real free-trade and let’s see it work.
Evolution and other left-wing fantasies are taught as fact in our public schools. You teach people that they are monkeys long enough, and they will begin to act like monkeys.
The fact that the bleeding heart liberals have actually convinced us that we (white Americans of European descent) should feel guilty because we are evil, white capitalist pigs who are responsible for slavery and murdering Indians. They have rewritten history and convinced us that the Civil War was over slavery – southerners wanting to keep it and the noble northerners wanting to abolish it. They have made us to feel that we should never be allowed to have anything good, because we don’t deserve it for all the cruelty we are responsible for.
The fact that liberals have demonized Capitalism and convinced us to believe that Socialism is a good thing. Since when is working hard and making money a bad thing? That is the American Dream. People don’t swim across shark-infested oceans to get to a country where everyone has the exact same thing regardless of how hard they work.
This is only a small taste of the things that I am going to be complaining about on this blog. Before you say something cute about the fact that if I don’t like something, I should work to change it, I’ll go ahead and tell you that I already am working to change it.
Hope you enjoy. If you don’t, atleast be man (or woman) enough to leave your name when you leave your rude comment.